#SNTM portfolio startup 3DSignals Extends Round A Funding To $20.5M With Investment From Mercura Capital GMBH

#SNTM portfolio startup 3DSignals Extends Round A Funding To $20.5M With Investment From Mercura Capital GMBH

3DSignals, a pioneer in digitalization of production floors using Industrial IoT technology, announced today that it has extended its Round A funding and raised additional $8.5M in an investment led by Mercura Capital GMBH, a fund of the Schuler-Voith family, one of Germany’s traditional and well established industrial families. Existing investors SOMV and Grove Ventures also participated in the round, bringing total funding to date to $26 million.

Following the closing of an initial Round A of $12M only a few months ago, a surge of enthusiasm around the 3DSignals real-time asset performance monitoring (APM) solution arose in Germany. As more than 90% of the machines worldwide are not connected to any network, manufacturers are struggling to make the digitalization leap into industry 4.0. 3DSignals is bridging this gap with a plug & play digitalization solution that enables visualization of the shop floor and provides actionable insights within hours, enabling up to 30% improvement of machine productivity within few months of installation.

“Our recent market traction brought Mercura Capital GmbH to approach us. With their vast experience, knowledge and connections in the German industry, Mercura is an exciting addition to our investors team,” said Ariel Rosenfeld, CEO of 3DSignals. “We are honored that our original Round A investors chose to participate in the extension round as well, proving their trust and commitment to our journey,” he added.

Ingo Jacoby, Managing Director of Mercura Capital GmbH said: “3DSignals brings true innovation to the industrial world from which we are coming. We are proud to invest in a company which helps its customers to become significantly more productive with a simple, clever and fast-to-implement solution”.

“We are excited to continue and invest in 3DSignals’ excellent team,” said Yuval Baharav, General Partner at State of Mind Ventures. “We are delighted to welcome a new investment from Germany, which is a primary market for industrial IoT in general, and particularly for 3DSignals”.

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