Bridging the gap between
Israeli innovation
and German Mittelstand

Bridging the gap between
Israeli innovation and German Mittelstand


More than 70% of German DAX30 companies...

Have physical presence in the state of Israel with a clear goal of sourcing new industry-transforming technologies directly from Startupnation and identifying lucrative investment opportunities. 

#STARTUPNATION TO MITTELSTAND provides Mittelstand companies with a direct access to Israel´s cream of the crop Industry 4.0 innovators and a rapid, cost-efficient R&D platform to create a future-oriented competitive advantage. 


Our USP to startups

Customers & Partners

Direct access to dozens of local potential customers & strategic partners

Industry Expertise

Direct access to industry know-how, manufacturing capabilities and international customer base

Regional network

Direct access to a regional network of 200+ multipliers & business professionals

Rhineland: Germany´s Industrial heartland

Rhineland is the top industrial region of Germany, home to 18 of the 50 largest German corporations as well as over 3,000 Industry champions, SMEs who are nevertheless dominating their niche markets. 

The rise of Industry 4.0 technologies is pushing local Mittelstand companies to seek for strategic partnerships with startups in order to source new technologies and identify areas of disruption.

7 weeks

October - December 2019


Industry 4.0 startups


Potential partners & customers